United Kingdom
England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are the four components of United Kingdom. The UK as a developed country has the world’s seventh largest economy. The UK is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the council of Europe, the G7, the G8, the G20, NATO, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and development and the World Trade Organization. With regards of the Foreign exchange rates today UK holds the sixth largest economy in the world and third largest all across Europe.
Under the Constitutional Monarchy government system, UK
is a Unitary State governed by Queen Elizabeth II along
with other fifteen independent Commonwealth Countries. The largest City, London is the capital of UK. The official spoken language is English. Its Currency is Pound sterling-GBP and calling code is 44.
Studying in the UK
The education platform of UK is inviting the International students to its Universities and Colleges to support build their careers with them. According to the latest updates by the sources more than 10,000 students are the International students out of around 1.5 million full time undergraduate students in higher education.
From 180 different countries, students choose UK universities and colleges to pursue their higher education. UK is the central place for the top 10 Universities in Europe*. The UK undertakes 5% of the world’s scientific research and produces 14% of the world’s most highly cited academic papers. It has one of the finest Education systems in the world and studying in UK is a fortuity which strike once in a life time.

Normally most of the Institutions organize some cultural and social events to help the international students settle and make friends. There are open invitations from the clubs and societies to join and meet new people. The UK Universities serves an admired and globally accepted range of subjects on their education platter.
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The prominent Education System of UK has its Academic Virtue all over the Globe. Through the work of various Official Bodies endorsed the essence of the Undergraduate Courses in the UK.

With more industry focused academic courses, the institutions in the UK motivates and encourages their students to execute themselves better In their subject areas which further guides the students to build their career paths.

Various institutions take initiatives in organizing some open days, international offices, international student clubs and societies, planned social events, advisors and counselors to be a helpful device in the course journey of the students in the UK.
Exceptional elements in education
The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) assesses the proficiency and apprenticeship of all the Universities and colleges. RAE-The Research Assessment Exercise interrogates the standards, which brings out the results and publicize the same in every five years.

The outcome of all these assessments is made easily accessible on the internet. The Higher Education Funding Councils has the availability of the report of the quality assurance and assessments.

For further details and reports an individual can visit http://www.hefce.ac.uk/
Selection of courses
The UK higher education podium serves a broad variety of courses to its international students, which cater the needs of aspiring individual. A student can opt for more then 50,000 courses being taught in the UK Universities and Colleges. The Selection of courses can be done on the basis of Quality of deliverance, Location, Research, Fees Structure and many other aspects depending on the aspirant.
The Top universities in the UK
The Universities are ranked on several parameters which provide most comprehensive and balanced comparison available, which should have student’s trust and government approval. Therefore, according to the Times Higher Education ranking, the UK universities are categorized based on the following subjects:
Arts & Humanities
• University of Oxford
• University of Cambridge
• University College London
• University of Edinburgh
• King's College London
Clinical, pre-clinical and health
• University of Oxford
• University of Cambridge
• University College London
• King's College London
• University of Edinburgh
Engineering & Technology
• University of Cambridge
• Imperial College London
• University of Oxford
• University of Manchester
• University College London
Life Sciences & Medicine
• University of Cambridge
• University of Oxford
• Imperial College London
• University College London
• University of Edinburgh
Physical Sciences
• University of Cambridge
• University of Oxford
• Imperial College London
• University of Edinburgh
• University College London
Social Sciences & Management
• University of Oxford
• University of Cambridge
• University College London

• University of Manchester
• London School of Economics and Political   Science
Work while you Study
According to the latest updates in visa regulations by UKBA for International students, the course at or above NQF level 6 (National Qualification Framework), which is UG/PG at UK higher education institution allows the student to work for 20 hours per week whereas in the courses below this level (i.e, Diploma and certificate program) at a UK higher education institution can work upto 10 hours per week.

Just after completing your course, if you wish to work full-time in the UK, student need to be aware of the rules set by the British Government regarding employment of foreign nationals in the UK.
The International Students are not allowed to work in the UK if they are at any level with an education provider that is not a UK higher education institution or a publicly funded college, which is private Universities and colleges there is no work rights assigned.

(Please check the UKBA guidelines for more detailed and updated information)

Spouse traveling
For programs at Masters Level, spouse can accompany and work full time. For Undergraduate or Diploma programs, spouse is not allowed to travel.* (please check the UKBA guidelines for more detailed and updated information)

Society and culture
The society and culture of the United Kingdom are determined by many instruments: the nation's island status; its history as a western liberal democracy and a major power. The UK is the political union of four countries with each conserving elements of discrete traditions, customs and symbolism.

The British Culture and Society has widely influenced the European aestheticism. The delicacy of British heritage, their literature, music, cinema, art, theatre, media, television, philosophy and architecture are transcribed and admired Globally. London being the world’s brimming cultural destination is also the capital of World’s “cultural sovereignty”.

Popular destinations in the UK
Some of the popular destinations in the UK are:
England: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Oxford.
Scotland: Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth and Glasgow.
Wales: Bangor, Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea.
Northern Ireland: Armagh, Belfast, Derry, Lisburn and Newry.

Life at the UK campus
The universities in The UK follow a ritual of Students participation in Sports and recreational activities. The most prominent are Rowing, notably the Bumps race. The Varsity matches between the top Universities is always an eye catch, which ranges from cricket and rugby, to chess. The Universities has their own committees of students in which the students are divided into different groups to participate in other universities. There are different associated clubs like Drama societies, comedy clubs which produces well known show-business personalities.

For the University’s information updates, the students run radio and newspaper which provides the member with an opportunity to produce and host the radio shows and also promotes broadcast journalism, sports coverage, comedy and drama. Some of the Institutions has an academic dress which are to be worn for examinations, matriculation, disciplinary hearings, and when visiting university officers. Some customs vary from colleges to colleges; the major event held by different colleges is Balls which has different dress code they are held annually or at irregular period. Punting (Punting refers to boating in a punt. The punter generally propels the punt by pushing against the river bed with a pole. A punt should not be confused with a gondola, which is propelled by an oar rather than a pole) is a common summer leisure activity.

The UK University campuses usually have recreational centers like gym; swimming pool, music rooms (with exclusive musical instruments) and Indoor/Outdoor sports facilities. Most of the Institutions have on campus markets, cafeterias, Libraries, museums and event halls where students can look for part time work opportunities.

The Universities present quality cultural activity programme for complete year. The students can enjoy exhibitions, performances, lectures and workshops at the campus and in the city, also can recline in the Botanical gardens and catch other cultural events.

The students of the Institutions engage themselves whole heartedly to most of the ongoing events and activities in their campuses. Besides that, they also get various opportunities for not only voluntarily participate in the events but also earn handsome money for their livelihood on campus.
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The UK as a developed country has the world’s seventh largest economy.
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