Little had Columbus known in 1492 that the vast forest land he had discovered erroneously, would one day become the most affluent and powerful nation of the world. It is superfluous to say that United States is one of the superpowers that impact world’s economy, politics, science and technology and what not.

For innumerable reasons such as Hollywood to Harvard, US continues to charm students from around the globe. For some it is the destination to realize their passions, and for others it is a gateway to enhance their didactic learning through hands on experience.
Reasons to Choose Education in USA
USA is the most favorite study destination of students around the globe not only for its academic excellence, but also for the diversity of Programs it offers. Needless to mention their state- of-the art infrastructure, academic Institutions in USA emphasize learning through practice and hands on experience. US Colleges and Universities have adopted advanced teaching methodologies and small class cohorts ensure efficient teacher –student interaction. The innovation driven assignments and projects right from the bachelor’s level cater to ignite bright minds. This is possibly why USA has been successful in producing highest number of inventions and eminent researchers in the world. Undergraduates choose USA because of the excellent scholarship opportunities and the flexibility to combine their courses. On the other hand, Graduate aspirants prefer USA for the quality of Grad degrees and increase in their earning potential.
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How much it will cost? 
Fees – There is a wide range of Tuition fees in United States. US Universities/ Colleges may cost you as low as USD 10,000 to more than USD 80,000 per year.
However, a general range can be expected to be USD 15,000-20,000 per annum for most of the state Universities

Living Costs - The living costs in USA may vary according to the location where one lives and of course, his style of living. One must be ready for an average of USD 10,000 per annum as living expenses.
  Accommodation Information
On Campus:
Almost all U.S. colleges and universities provide their students with the option to live in residence halls or dormitories (also called "dorms"). These are usually for single students, not for married couples or families, and are situated on or close to the campus.
In some dorms there may be a kitchen for those who would rather cook for themselves. Dormitories usually have common rooms where students can get together to watch television, play games, or simply be with friends. Supervisors, often called "residence advisers" or "resident directors," often live in dormitories to keep an eye on safety and cleanliness and to make sure the rules are observed. Many rooms in dormitories are shared with one or more roommates. Dormitory rooms usually do not have a private bath or toilet. Instead, residents share large "community" bathrooms, which are separate for men and women.
Annual Cost : 12,000 $ - 15,000$ ( Housing + utilities)

Off Campus:

Apartments or Private Housing:
If you cannot find accommodation in university dormitories, you may have to look for housing off-campus. Types of accommodation include furnished and unfurnished apartments and houses, privately operated dormitories, cooperative residence halls, and rented rooms in private homes.
Annual Cost : 7,000 $ - 10,000$ ( Housing + utilities)

Off-Campus Dormitories
Sometimes there are privately-owned dormitory complexes near the campus. These are designated for students and are run like university dormitories, but privately owned. Usually the costs are comparable to living in an on-campus dormitory.

Temporary Accommodation:

Hotels, Hostels or Motels is what you can choose to initially stay at Local hotel or Motel close to the campus for temporary period, costs of such accommodation on single occupancy varies from 50$- 150$ per night.

Process to Apply
  Application - When thinking of applying to USA, one needs to prepare at least a year in advance as most Universities have stipulated deadlines, thereby making the whole process time bound.

The application process entails not only the test preparation but the critical hurdle of deciding on the most suitable and affordable universities. Next begins the task of arranging the application documents such as transcripts, essays, test scores, CVs, recommendations and financials etc.

Visa - According to United States VISA Consuls, obtaining a US VISA can be the easiest and the toughest task for a student- and both for the same reason- that a student appears for a short interview of duration of 90 seconds to 3 minutes and gets his decision at the same time.

Within this short span, the interviewer may pose a range of questions
and a student needs to be prepared to deliver smart and cogent answers and convince a VISA officer of his Genuineness for travelling to USA for studies.
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San Jose State University, The University is home to eight colleges and seven schools.
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The UK as a developed country has the world’s seventh largest economy.
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