France is the most expansive country in the European Union and benefits from a wide variety of landscapes. Located on Europe’s western side, the metropolitan territory has over 3,400 miles of coastline stretching from the North Sea and along the Channel to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and along the Mediterranean in the south. Several islands line the coasts, the largest of which is Corsica located in the Mediterranean.

France shares its borders with Belgium and Luxembourg in the north, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in the east, and with Spain in the south.

France’s cultural heritage is the fruit of a long history and French passion for the arts. France is also the country of great
writers and distinguished composers, not to mention the homeland of cinema, renowned filmmakers, as well as actors and actresses who have been recognized around the world.

The 5th largest economic power, France’s economy currently revolves around services which employ more than 70% of the active population.

Its dynamic agricultural sector makes France the leading agricultural producer in the European Union, while its viticulture is particularly important since France is the global leader in the production of wines and spirits.
The industrial sector is particularly developed in the agribusiness, automobile, building and public works, chemical industry, rail, aeronautics and aerospace, energy, and pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. The transport sector benefits from an efficient road and rail network
Why Study in France?
The world's fifth-largest economy, France is also the fourth most popular destination for international students. The country remains committed to its long-standing policy of equal treatment for domestic and international students. Some examples of that policy: Tuition rates at French institutions are identical for all students.

The quality of French higher education is widely recognized throughout the world. French institutions figure prominently in the Shanghai Classification of Universities, in the rankings of the Financial Times and Times Higher, and in the European Report on Science and Technologies published by the European Commission.

France's institutions award degrees that adhere to the common European architecture known as LMD (for Licence, Master, abd Doctorate). French diplomas are therefore recognized and accepted throughout the world.
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How much it will cost? 
Tuition fees vary considerably depending on the institution and the study programme selected by students, however details below will give the indicative Fees :

Tuition Fees – In France's public institutions of higher education, the government bears the bulk of the cost of education—an average of €10,000 per student per year

Annual tuition rates at public institutions are set by law. The rates for the 2011–12 academic year are, by degree program:
• €177 for licence programs
• €245 for master's programs
• €372 for doctoral programs
• €584 for programs leading to the diplôme d’ingénieur
Additional fees may be assessed for specific services.

Tuition rates at private institutions—particularly schools of business and management—is generally higher (from €3,000 to €10,000 annually).

Living Costs- proposed living cost for international students is between €7000 and €12,000 per year, however this could vary depending on individual lifestyle. This cost covers basic expenses like : accommodation, Food and basic Travel within city or campus.
  Accommodation Information
University residences
University residences in France are managed by regional student-service agencies, known as CROUS. The residences may be located on campus or in town. Spaces are made available according to stringent social criteria.
CROUS residences are far and away the most affordable form of student housing. Monthly rents vary from €120 for a single room to €350 for a studio apartment. Most of the spaces allocated for international students are reserved for recipients of French government grants.

On-campus housing at grandes écoles and private institutions

The grandes écoles and some private institutions maintain their own on-campus student residences.

These institutions make an effort to reserve housing for the international students they admit. Rents are generally between €250 and €350 per month.

Private student buildings
Private buildings designed for students are found in most university cities in France. Most are quite comfortable and offer a variety of services, such as a staffed front desk, room-to-room telephone service, common rooms, cafeteria, laundry facilities, maid service, and garage space. Such buildings are generally located close to campus
Rent: €600–700 per month in Paris and €400–700 per month in other university cities.

Private Renting :
The private rental market offers a wide choice of options, such as living close to the social and cultural attractions of France's lively city centers. Private rentals are most suited to students who are independent and already well-adapted to French life.

You may rent space directly from a property owner or through a rental agency. Rents vary widely depending on the quality and location of the lodging and on the presence of related services. In Paris, monthly rents are at least €20 per square meter. Rents are generally lower in other French cities.

Host family
Renting a furnished room from a host family is ideal for short stays. This option is popular with students taking a short course in French as a foreign language. It allows the student to share in family life and, in so doing, to speed his or her adaptation to French language and culture—a perfect way to start a period of study in France.

The weekly cost of a room with a host family in Paris ranges from €200 (with breakfast) to €300 (breakfast and dinner). Average costs are lower outside Paris.

Temporary Accommodation: Hotels, Hostels or Motels is what you can choose to initially stay at Local hotel or Motel close to the campus for temporary period, costs of such accommodation on single occupancy varies from 50€- 120€per night.

Process to Apply
  Application - students need to submit their academic and work experience Documents as per Institutes guidelines. If the students meet the guidelines then Institutes issues a ‘Letter of Offer’ to the student.

Application process time is different for all institutes however average process time is between 1 week to 4 weeks. Masters degree and Research applications usually take longer than this to process.
  Visa - Process time for Visa application outcome is 3-4 weeks for most of the complete applications. All Students from India and the Sub Continent need to process their visa applications through CampusFrance local office. Students will be interviewed by both CampusFrance and the Local embassy in person for further clarifications on visa file.
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