The Astrology Career Guide for You…
Are you wondering which path to pursue, or where to find a fulfilling career? Maybe that future seems far away, or perhaps you're at a crossroads on your journey. So, what's your sign's soul mission? Find out if you're the type that should start your own business, work outdoors, run someone else's company, or do whatever calls to you !
Those born under the sign of Aries are born heroes and make excellent rescue workers, military officers or police officers. Their strong entrepreneurial streak makes them take business and sales based jobs. Advertising and Public Relations also hold great appeal to them as they understand the way the market works and are good at promoting products and services. They also make good team leaders, pilots, managers, bankers, mechanics and engineers. They have an ability to take quick decisions and think rapidly which helps them if they decide to opt for careers in stock-broking, investment or trading.

Sedate Bulls enjoy careers that afford plenty of stability. These folks will happily work overtime in exchange for a good salary, generous benefits and plenty of vacation time. Taureans are quite sensual and get great enjoyment working with food, flowers, or luxury goods. Famous for their melodious voices, members of this sign also make great singers, public speakers and receptionists. Some of the best careers that would appeal Taurians are - Banking, Accounting, Cashier, Musician, Landscape Gardening, Florist, Builing Contrator, Engineering, Fashion Design, Interior Decorating, Photography, Finance, Politics, Public Office, Advertising, Antiques, Real Estate.

Clever Twins need work that affords plenty of intellectual stimulation. And although members of this sign don't like to work overtime, Geminis can produce more in a working day than most people accomplish in a week. They work well under pressure and make great technical support workers and customer service representatives. Geminis also make great teachers and writers. Journalist, consultant, web developer, agent, entrepreneur, makeup artist, hairstylist, editor, project manager, film director, yoga teacher, interpreter, stand-up comedian, DJ are the best careers for Geminis.

Security is Cancer’s number-one career goal, and you need a job where you feel safe and at home. Cancerians can pursue the following professions - hotelier, caterer, teacher, banker, nurse, surgeon, businessman and chefs, Corporate executive, editor, writer, art director, interior designer, urban planner, family therapist, computer systems analyst or programmer, home-based business owner, organizational strategist.

Passionate and dynamic, you love a job where you can champion people or a cause. Leos are great performers, public speakers and diplomats. People with Leos as their horoscope may opt for the following careers - Actor, teacher, counselor, artist, interior decorator, lawyer, agent, performer, artist, religious leader, CEO, event planner, human rights advocate, children’s author, politician, public speaker, motivational trainer, dancer, owner of a creative empire, fashion designer, game developer, animal trainer.

Busy-bee Virgo loves to work. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you’re constantly thinking and strategizing. Your detail-oriented mind keeps track of every little item, and you’re always planning ahead. With your sharp mind and keen listening skills, you make an excellent journalist, Virgo. Some of the best suited careers for Virgos are - Journalist, office manager, veterinarian, biologist, accountant, social worker, systems designer, project manager, holistic healer, nutritionist.

You do best in a career that allows you to work with others - to need and be needed. Libra is the peacemaker sign; you hate conflict. You would like to work in a harmonious environment. Some of the best careers that would appeal Librans are - Journalist, fashion designer, interior decorator, creative director, artist, publicist, lawyer, judge, party promoter, makeup artist, food critic, human rights advocate, filmmaker, mediator, agent, broker, engineer, architect.

Scorpio is the sign of power and control. Nothing engages a Scorpio more than pursuing an out-of-reach goal that promises power, lifelong financial security or a chance to be seen as the best in your field. Scorpio rules the zodiac's eighth house of other people's property and large chunks of money. Scorpios pay precise attention to detail, and you love to plumb the depths of any subject. Lawyer, real estate mogul, psychologist, investment banker, psychic, tax attorney, mortician, journalist, musician are some of the careers that Scorpions can consider.

As with everything, Sagittarians need a career that offers a wide playing field with plenty of freedom and excitement. You're the sign of the traveler, an inspired visionary who requires big dreams and lots of stimulation. A natural entrepreneur, Sagittarians love to do things their way, according to their vision. As the sign that rules higher education, you're a lifelong learner - and teacher. You're the sign of the Archer, so you need a target. Sagittarius rules publishing and public speaking - two great outlets for your unusual ideas. Some of the best careers for Sagittarians are - Entrepreneur, author, publisher, motivational speaker, designer or creative department, salesperson, professor, travel guide, freelancer.

Capricorn, your sign rules the zodiac's tenth house of career and achievement. A dedicated professional, you love to plan and set goals. The key for Capricorn is planning. Capricorn is the sign of public honors and fame. You love to be rewarded or acknowledged for a job well done. People with Capricon as their horoscope can pursue the following professions - Film producer, manager, politician, police officer, stockbroker, doctor, president, school principal, CEO, financial planner, business owner, architect, creative director.

Independent Aquarius loves freedom, and you need a career with room to express your individuality. Entrepreneurship was made for your sign! At the same time, Aquarius is the sign of groups and teams. With your gift of gab and hilarious jokes, you can sell ice to eskimos. Your quirky brain loves to solve problems or find your way out of a difficult spot. Public relations is another great gig for you. Some of the best careers that would suit Aquarians are- Teacher, futurist, scientist, salesperson, public relations, pop star, coach, nonprofit worker, astronomer, psychic healer, talk show host, author, researcher, computer programmer, inventor.

Imaginative Pisces, you rule the zodiac's twelfth house of dreams, creativity and healing. People with this sign need both security and freedom. You may work as a photographer, a designer or a model. Pisces is a leader "for the people." This makes you a great agent or advocate. Your natural warmth and hospitality put people at ease. many Pisces are nurses, therapists or work for large institutions. You are also a powerful intuitive healer, and can thrive in the holistic or medical fields.
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