Terms & Conditions

These terms (‘Terms’) apply to all advertising, application, enquiry and recruitment services provided to any person or organization (‘Customer’) by Tiger Tech Solutions, trading as StudyAbroad.co.in , or any of its subsidiaries (all of which are referred to as ‘StudyAbroad.co.in’) and are incorporated into this Agreement between StudyAbroad.co.in and the Customer along with the details on the Booking Confirmation Form.

1. StudyAbroad.co.in Advertising
1.1 On receipt of the Booking Form StudyAbroad.co.in will send to the Customer information about how to       provide any required material. The Customer has 30 days to supply the required material. If the required       material is not received within 30 days then StudyAbroad.co.in will source the required material from existing       material, including but not limited to, the Customers web site and publicly availably promotional material.
1.2 StudyAbroad.co.in reserves the right to charge the Customer for any additional production work required to       prepare the materials for publication on the StudyAbroad.co.in web sites.
1.3 StudyAbroad.co.in will issue an invoice to the Customer on receipt of the Booking Form or on the start date of       the advertising, whichever is later.
1.4 If payment is not received, StudyAbroad.co.in reserves the right to remove the Customers advertising from       StudyAbroad.co.in, without any reduction in the amount the customer is still required to pay. The customer is       still liable to pay for the full subscription amount.
1.5 There is no refund for any subscription or advertising contract cancelled before the end of the subscription or       advertising period.
1.6 Unless otherwise stated, the duration of any advertising is 12 months from the start date of the advertising as       notified on the Booking Form or confirmed by a StudyAbroad.co.in representative.
1.7 StudyAbroad.co.in reserves the right to change the partners or marketing of any sites booked by the       customer.

2. Right to Vary Format and Placement of any Advertisement
2.1 StudyAbroad.co.in reserves the right to vary the placement of Advertising within a particular Internet site.
2.2 StudyAbroad.co.in will endeavour to notify the Customer of any such changes, however, StudyAbroad.co.in       will not be liable for any costs, expenses, losses or damages suffered or incurred by a Customer arising from       StudyAbroad.co.in’s failure to publish Advertising in accordance with a Customer’s request.
2.3 If StudyAbroad.co.in varies the format and placement of any advertisement, the Customer can elect to       terminate their advertising and receive a refund on the remaining term of the advertising contract.
2.4 StudyAbroad.co.in reserves the right to replace the contact details on any Customer supplied PDF or       brochure that is distributed by StudyAbroad.co.in to contact details for StudyAbroad.co.in.

3. Customer Warranties
3.1 The Customer represents and warrants to StudyAbroad.co.in that it is fully authorised to publish the entire       contents and subject matter of all advertisements (including, without limitation, all text, graphics, icons,       photographs, materials provided to StudyAbroad.co.in for production purposes, URLs, and sites to which       URLs are to be linked), and that all such contents and subject matter will comply with all applicable laws,       regulations and relevant industry codes.
3.2 The Customer agrees unconditionally to indemnify StudyAbroad.co.in and hold StudyAbroad.co.in harmless       (including all of its officers, agents, employees and subsidiaries) from and against any and all loss, damage,       liability and expense (including all reasonable legal fees) suffered or incurred by reason of any claims,       proceedings or suits based on or arising out the publication of, or any act or omission in relation to, the       advertisements, including but not limited to claims related to defamation, contempt of court, rights of publicity       and/or privacy, copyright infringement, trade mark infringement, misleading or deceptive conduct and any       failure to comply with or fulfill any representations, warranties or agreements made in the relevant       advertisement or on any website represented by a URL shown or embedded in the relevant advertisement or       any object in such advertisement.

4. Termination for Cause
4.1 Any breach of the Customers payment obligations or unauthorized use of the StudyAbroad.co.in Technology       or Service will be deemed a material breach of this Agreement. StudyAbroad.co.in, in its sole discretion, may       terminate your advertising, password, account or use of the Service if you breach or otherwise fail to comply       with this Agreement. You agree and acknowledge that StudyAbroad.co.in has no obligation to retain the       Customer Data, and may delete such Customer Data, if you have materially breached this Agreement,       including but not limited to failure to pay outstanding fees, and such breach has not been rectified within 30       days of notice of such breach.

5. Representations & Warranties
5.1 Each party represents and warrants that it has the legal power and authority to enter into this Agreement.       StudyAbroad.co.in represents and warrants that it will provide the Service in a manner consistent with general       industry standards reasonably applicable to the provision thereof and that the Service will perform       substantially in accordance with the StudyAbroad.co.in help documentation under normal use and       circumstances.

6. Limited Liability
6.1 During the term of the Agreement the Customer has the right to amend and update its information at any       time, at no additional charge. As a result, StudyAbroad.co.in cannot be held liable if there are any       inaccuracies or errors (even if information is imported by StudyAbroad.co.in on behalf of the Customer).
6.2 StudyAbroad.co.in do not censor comments posted by visitors to the site and therefore cannot be held liable       for any comments about the Customer or its courses. However, if the Customer believes something is       libellous or defamatory, please let StudyAbroad.co.in know and it will be investigated as soon as possible.
6.3 Any of StudyAbroad.co.in's services which are the subject of this Agreement are provided without warranties       of any nature, and StudyAbroad.co.in disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation       any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will       StudyAbroad.co.in be liable for any form of loss, damage, liability or expense whatsoever including but not       limited to consequential, indirect, incidental, or special damages, damages for loss of profits, business       interruption, loss of or unauthorised access to information, and the like, even if StudyAbroad.co.in has been       advised of the possibility of such damages, except for losses due to StudyAbroad.co.in’s negligence, breach       of contract or violation of law.
6.4 StudyAbroad.co.in's liability (or the liability of any of its subsidiaries) for any breach of this Agreement,       including any liability for consequential loss which the Customer may suffer or incur will be limited as       StudyAbroad.co.in may elect in its sole discretion, in the case of services supplied or offered by       StudyAbroad.co.in, to either (a) the supplying of the services again; or (b) the payment of the cost of having       the services supplied again or, in the case of goods supplied or offered by StudyAbroad.co.in, (c) the       replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods, (d) the repair of such goods, (e) the payment of       the cost of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods, or (f) the payment of the cost of having the       goods repaired. This does not limit liability for violations of law or Intellectual Properties infringement.

7. Internet Delays

8. Taxes and Charges
8.1 The Customer will pay all taxes, duties and other government charges payable or assessed in connection       with this Agreement whether applying as at the date of this Agreement or in the future including without       limitation goods and services tax, other value added tax, sales or use taxes, stamp duty and turnover tax, but       excluding taxes, duties and government charges assessed on the income of StudyAbroad.co.in or its related       parties.

9. Invoice and Payment
9.1.1 By submitting a Booking Confirmation Form to StudyAbroad.co.in, the Customer agrees to be liable for all       the relevant fees and costs indicated on the order form.
9.2 The Customer has 30 days to pay the invoice.
9.3 StudyAbroad.co.in reserves the right to charge a commercial rate of interest for any monies not paid within       30 days.

10. General
10.1 These Terms embody the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior and         contemporaneous agreements, arrangements and understandings between the parties with respect
        to its subject matter.
10.2 This Agreement is governed by the laws of the state of New Delhi, India. The Customer consents to the
        non-exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts of New Delhi for all disputes arising out of or relating to this         agreement.
10.3 This agreement does not create a joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship between         StudyAbroad.co.in and the Customer.
10.4 StudyAbroad.co.in reserves the right to change these terms at any time and will publish its current terms on         its portal for Customers to review.
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